Debby in Australia

“I had a wonderful session with Lisa around my debilitating addiction to chocolate. I was eating chocolate mindlessly, almost daily, and could easily binge on a whole block in one sitting. Every time I tried to eliminate chocolate from my life it made the binging even worse. I felt like it would be the last time I would EVER eat chocolate again, so I had to stuff myself until it made me physically sick, just to get that one last bite. The deprivation I felt was horrible. Lisa helped me make one simple rule that allowed me a small amount of chocolate once a week, and it has literally changed my life. With this one rule I don’t feel deprived at all anymore; I know I can have some chocolate each week if I want to, but I don’t, in fact I rarely even eat it once a month. I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and guidance, Lisa. It truly has changed my life, and I’m excited to have more sessions in the future to see what else I can achieve.” –Debby in Australia

DISCLAIMER: It would be unreasonable to assume you’ll get the same results as many of the clients on this page because of their unique situations, metabolisms, and backgrounds. Then again, it can and does happen! And with the free introductory session, wouldn’t you be risking more by not giving it a try? Hear me out please before you make up your mind, because it could very literally change your life!